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Logistics Medical is Canadian company based in Hamilton, Ontario. Logistics Medical is dedicated to providing excellent medical services and products available in the industry.
In keeping pace with the rapid changes and advancements in the medical industry, we work closely with our suppliers and partners to provide our customers with state of the art technologies, medical products services.
Our personal attachment to our customers allows us to see their problems first hand and tailor a solution with the best medical products and services available to meet their specific needs. This is the key to our success.
We pride ourselves in providing innovative medical products and a full range of medical services that are affordable and of the utmost quality.
Clients and business partners have confidence of Logistics Medical in sharing their commitment to provide the best medical products and services in the health industry.
Exceptional service, no exception.


Whether you are a physician looking for work across Canada, or a medical facility that requires physicians, we are here for you, and we are unlike any other recruitment firm.


In addition to the recruitment essentials, Logistics Medicals work collaboratively with communities/health-care employers throughout the physician recruitment process, including marketing, onboarding, retention and succession planning. Connect with us.


Are you a doctor looking to start own your own medical clinic and thrive? Logistics Medical can help. We help doctors establish small primary care practices to large medical centers. Doctors enjoy minimal upfront capital costs and fees.


Are you a pharmacist looking start a pharmacy with doctors? Are you trying to buy an established profitable pharmacy? Whatever your goal is, you can trust the experts at Logistics Medical.


This is a great--and needed--service, and it is run by some very nice people. I would highly recommend this company to both family and colleagues!

Carolina Monntoya

I've been having consultations with Logistics Medical. Very nice staff, very knowledgeable and just felt like they were there for my best interest. Gave me a clear understanding of what the cost was with setting up my clinic and how to go about meeting milestones. Gave me hope in my vision. Thanks!

Peter Rose

Great staff, great facility.... very good service. I have been multiple times at this place and I always get good experience.

Gerald Gilbert

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